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Who here has "absolute pitch" - 23/07/2018 07:42 Hi,

I've found perfect pitch to be a hindrance at times. as a string player, i absolutely NEED to be hearing what i'm playing at all times in order to play well. in an orchestral setting, i have difficulty playing in tune 100% of the time during loud passages where i'm being overpowered and can't hear the sounds i'm producing. i suspect this isn't true for all people w/ perfect pitch though - perhaps this is just what separates a good musician from a bad one. but like i said, not all perfect pitch people are good musicians.
additionally, in terms of reading music, transposing at sight (or even in general!) can be extremely difficult for people with perfect pitch. i look at a note on a page and hear it in my head - but when i have to transpose something, i need to somehow try to ignore that. it's like using a different part of my brain that i am not asked to use often. and since i was only trained to read music in treble clef, i have difficulty reading any other clefs. this is obviously not a problem with people w/ perfect pitch who are trained to read other clefs early on (bass clef with piano, etc.)

Please help.

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